Top 5…

47755.jpg….things you need to have during your time studying a law degree.

1. The Microsoft Office package.

I have no idea where I’d be without a decent version of Microsoft Office to organise all my coursework! It can be quite pricey, but there are cheaper (and sometimes free) alternatives you can get, especially if you’re an Apple user. Some great alternatives are:

Pages, Keynote and Numbers

These are the equivalent to Word, PowerPoint and Excel for Apple users. They’re available on the AppStore for under $20 (each), but depending on the model you have, they might be pre-downloaded for you!

Open Office

Here’s a great alternative. Downloadable for anyone with a Mac or PC, Open Office is almost identical to the Office package, only less complicated to navigate (once you get the hang of it, that is). You can download it here:


A preloaded app on every Apple device, Notes is a quick and basic way to type your notes, and can be synced to all devices via iCloud.

These are some great alternatives, but if you still want to stick with the original and the best, you might be able to receive a free online version through your university – worth checking out!

2. Highlighters and other colourful stationery.

Contrary to the name of my blog, I do enjoy some colour. But only when it has to do with my study and other commitments. It’s a big help to me to colour code things as it not only organises my notes, but also my thoughts and helps me retain the information better. There’s nothing worse than typing up notes and then looking at them during revision and thinking, “where the heck does all this fit in?” You can avoid this confusion by highlighting the content in ways to help you remember, so it’s easier to revise later!

3. A planner app.

Once again, I’d be pretty lost without my Calendar/Planner to keep me in line. While it’s good to carry around a little diary everywhere you go, when you have a lot of assignments, readings and weekly activities due, a good app can really keep you on your toes. I personally use iStudiezPro. Downloadable from the AppStore, this will allow you to sync your Calendar with your upcoming assignments, separated by subjects, to all your devices. You can even set reminders so you’ll never miss a deadline!

4. A support network.

Law school is tough and we all know it. Having a group of people you can reach out to is really helpful. Especially with the ever-increasing competitiveness of our field and the difficulty of our study, a network helps you stay sane, focused and in perspective.

Some good ways to reach out are through Facebook (there are heaps of groups dedicated to law students at most universities which you can join), before/after class, or send me a message or leave me a comment and I’ll help you out.:)

5. Caffeine.

Think this one is pretty self-explanatory.:P
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Signing off,

The [Pre]Lawyer in Black


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