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Daily caffeine buzz: Can a director be an employee?

A recent case out of Melbourne raises a new question of whether a director of a company, who works at said company, is an employee for the purposes of accessing Fair Work provisions, specifically an unfair dismissal remedy.


Big law: do you know what you’re getting into?

Large commercial firms are all the rage at university. They’re all we ever see. Rarely are there alternative options presented to us. In a way, nobody blames law students for falling for the marketing – because that’s really what it is – that leads them to believe that this is the only (good) pathway to take. (more…)

5 apps you need to stay on track

Case readings, textbook readings, journal articles, tutorials, lectures, revision…there is a lot of work involved in just one law unit. Here is a collation of some of my favourite apps to keep me on top of things. (more…)