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Daily caffeine buzz: Can a director be an employee?

A recent case out of Melbourne raises a new question of whether a director of a company, who works at said company, is an employee for the purposes of accessing Fair Work provisions, specifically an unfair dismissal remedy.



IMPORTANT: Stop obsessing over things you cannot control

Clerkship season is upon us and naturally students are coming out with queries about what WAM/GPA they need to avoid their application being culled by the firms who run clerkships. This is a fair enough question but it is futile and needs to stop. Let me explain why.  (more…)

Big law: Is it really for you?

Last month I wrote about what life is really like in large commercial firms. If that has got you feeling a bit hesitant about whether to go for it or not, here are some tips and advice I wish I had received before getting into it.

Please note that I am not intending to discourage people heading into large commercial firms, I merely hope to provide knowledge of things they omit at university so that you can make a more informed decision and reduce the chance of regret down the track.  (more…)