I’m a Bachelor of Arts graduate (majoring in Criminology and Psychology, with a minor in Public Relations), and about to be a Bachelor of Laws graduate (and then a lawyer – after one final step). I’ve held a range of different jobs and participated in a number of extra-curricular activities where I’ve been able to gain practical skills that are useful in the legal industry. 

I started this blog to help my successors navigate the study of law. I provide tips and insights from my own experience, lessons learned and things I wish somebody had told me when I started on this journey. I also like to write about issues of law, studying law and legal news in a fun, light-hearted way, to give you a break from the 40 page cases you read as part of your course.

Recently, I’ve branched out as a freelancer offering my services in the form of sponsored content, guest posts, resume writing and application review. I can also help firms and other businesses nourish relationships in their networks by writing case notes, summaries and other publications to be used in their marketing.

Contact me anytime if you’re interested in collaborating!